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            Welcome to the Walnut Manor subdivision


            *click here for layout and pricing














            We have carefully developed and designed these homes to suit your needs to the way you want to live.  If you need more space for a growing family or just want to be part of the buzz we're building developments with a social life built-in. Or if you've worked hard all your life and simply want to relax, we have the homes that are perfect for you.




            Enjoy the beautiful countryside views or historic Fincastle from your backporch.


            147 Walnut Manor Drive
            photo gallery





            Lot 4

             click here for listing and fact sheet




                            90 Walnut Manor Drive                     photo gallery





            Lot 55

               click here for listing and fact sheet

                          146 Walnut Manor Drive                photo gallery



            Lot 54

               click here for listing and fact sheet




                                     50 FoxMoor Court                                   




            Lot 13

             Custom Built



                            370 Walnut Manor Drive             




            Lot 61

             Custom Built

                            117 Walnut Manor Drive             



            Lot 3

             Custom Built

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